Commissioned Work
Perhaps you, your relation, your company or your community would like a
specific theme or idea to be 'transformed' into an original contemporary (yet
timeless) piece of art; into a quality drawing or painting, or even a sculpture.
I'll be happy to realize this for you!

Whether you'd like it to be a refined, detailed artwork like my graphite drawings
or very much intuitive and expressionisic. From rather realistic to figurative and
abstract. On this website you can see a variety of artworks, made in several

If you have an idea or theme in mind, or would like me to (help you) get to one,
just send me an e-mail to:   info [@] artzilut.com

…together with the information needed (*). I'll answer your e-mail and, when necessary, I will reply with some further
questions to fine-tune your commission. Just to be sure you'll be satisfied with the result. I will ofcourse notify you about
the price of the artwork (shipping included) and about the time it will take to finish the artwork.
No costs involved here!

When your commission is ready and clear and we have agreed on price, etc. I will ask you to confirm this by sending an
e-mail of confirmation. From that moment I can start working on your original piece of art.

(* Besides theme, the format, colors and/or black/white you wish to have, you can think of information that  says something
essential on the motivation, purpose and place concerning the artwork-to-be-made.)  

Work at location:

It’s possible to ask me to make a (wall-) painting, drawing or sculpture at location. Please e-mail me your location and (more
or less) specific idea(s) and we can look together how to realize this practically as well as financially.


If case you would like me to have a (serious) exhibition with my artwork, please contact me through the above mentioned
e-mail. I will respond as soon as possible!

Martin Geuzendam.
Artwork by